Meli Suites Isle

Category : Hotel
Client : Meli Suites
Completion : June 2022
Location : Thasos, Greece

After a successful collaboration for Meli Suites, we were appointed to design the new Meli Suite Isle, a new hotel in the island of Thasos.

A monolithic design of the building together with a swimming pool create the heart of the project. The building and open spaces have been designed in a way to provide direct, personal access from all rooms to the pool while maintaining privacy. An idyllic, exotic scenery is created through the play of daylight, colours and textures. Visitors will have the chance to take advantage of private gardens, private pools and protected cave-like spots.

The use of landscape has been key throughout the open spaces and around the rooms to enhance biophilia, improve the views and increase privacy.

A sheltered corridor receives the visitors at the entrance - teasing with glimpses towards the building - and transitions them into the heart.